Tibor Mackor

You know what I love about what I do?

I go to work every day to inspire people that then inspire themselves.

It’s the most wonderful thing in the world.

The hardest part is figuring out all the ways that I can do this.

The best part: it's also good for business.

I believe that business coaching and advisory for you as business owners can help you achieve greater results. You'll enjoy interactive sessions and workshops that help you accelerate your business growth and increase profitability.

Practical experience in functional areas such as sales, marketing, accounting, management accounting, general management, facilities management, team management, and operations management means the help I give is grounded in business outcomes. You will experience focused attention on your business visions and the development of strategies to fulfill them.

You may have challenges. They might include:

  1. I’m working too hard and not making enough money.
  2. I’m working under too much stress.
  3. I’m spending too much time in my business.
  4. Lack of direction.
  5. Not enough customers.
  6. Not enough prospects to sell to.
  7. Inadequate sales skills.
  8. Chronic cash flow problems.

As a professional speaker at business information events, conferences and industry associations you gain insights on various trends in business today and how you can increase your profits knowing these trends.

Sessions are highly motivational, inspiring people to take immediate action. Sometimes, owners are actually shocked that the strategies worked because they’d been trying for so long with no results.

Connect with me or send me an email at tibor@bbstrategies.co.nz to find out how.

Specialties: Increased profits, Staff productivity, Sales, Marketing, Accounting, Business growth, Networking, Recruitment, Systems, Financial performance, Accounting.