Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Better Business Strategies tracks individual activity and responses within this website and stores such activity along with any data as part of its standard processes. Such measurement and tracking is solely for enhancing the help that Better Business Strategies provides to you and no-one else. By logging in you confirm your permission to be tracked and your activity measured with outcomes accessible both within the system and as part of your journey in visiting our website. None of your information will be provided to anyone else without your prior written permission.

As you use our website you may willingly provide us with information, such as your name, address, phone number, along with other data in response to various forms that you may fill in or cookies that may be used in your browser to record your viewing and interaction with our website.

We hold your information securely using best practise data storage and privacy technology.

We do not collect or otherwise record any financial information including bank accounts, credit card numbers, or payment gateway (e.g. PayPal or online banking) access. Any financial transactions are handled independently by recognised financial institutions and their privacy policies, terms and conditions etc apply to the information that they may capture from your use of their services.

You will receive all data that we have with respect to your details only in writing and on request within 7 days. We will delete any or all of it on your written request.