14 top frustrations of business

14 top frustrations of business

  1. Working too hard and not making enough money
  2. Too much stress
  3. Spending too much time in my business
  4. Lack of direction (feel stuck)
  5. Don’t have enough customers
  6. Not have enough prospects to sell to
  7. Inadequate sales skills
  8. Chronic cash flow problems
  9. Not enough money put aside for retirement
  10. Chronic staffing issues
  11. Problems hiring good staff
  12. My business has rework problems
  13. Poor productivity
  14. Too much competition

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Did You Know …

  1. If you follow up a mail out with a telephone call, you will get a 200% increase in response.

  2. It costs 5 times more to get a new client than to keep an existing one. AND it is 5 times easier to sell something else to your existing customers than to get a new customer.

  3. If you have an established business, 90% of your advertising dollars should be spent on re-selling your existing customers. Why? See no.2.